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Brekkie Menu

Choose your home baked bread for the brekkie fry ups: White, brown, health or ciabatta.

Home made granola with berry parfait, yoghurt & honey

1 Egg, bacon and slice of toast

Papaya & pineapple served with yoghurt, home made granola, toasted almonds & honey

2 Eggs, bacon, grilled rosa tomatoes & one slice of toast served with tea or coffee

2 Eggs, bacon, corn fritter, grilled rosa tomatoes & local sourced boerewors

3 egg omelette with a cheese base. Add any of the following toppings: bacon, smoked ham 19
basil pesto, tomato, pepperdews, caramelised onions, feta 12

Scrumptious stacked crumpets with berries, mascarpone, crispy bacon and honey *make it vegan  (ask your waitor)

Scrambled eggs, corn, salsa, bacon, served with tasty guacamole

Black beans, mushrooms, caramelised onion, corn, salsa & tasty guacamole

Creamy chicken livers in a spicy special sauce, served with toasted ciabatta

Trumpets at Judy's Kitchen
Granola breakfast at Judy's kitchen
Toasted sandwiches at Judy's Kitchen




Munchie Menu

toasts like home

Made with home baked bread, served with green salad, slaw & hand cut chips

Twin cheese & caramelised onion

Smoked ham, cheddar, tomato & basil

Mom’s creamy chicken & mayo (plain or cajun)

Crispy bacon melted with twin cheese

Judy’s rooibos-smoked chicken, pepperdew, tangy mayo & rocket

Grilled mushrooms and twin cheese

Chickpea, spinach, mushrooms & vegan mayo

KE - SÉ - DIE - JA

Tortilla  filled  with cheese, heated & served with guac & salsa

Chicken with pineapple & peppadew chutney

BBQ beef, corn & bell peppers

Mushrooms, peppers, peppadew & coconut cheese

Bun Stuff

Served with salad & hand cut chips

Homemade patty (beef, chicken or Vegan), slaw, caramelized onion & Judy’s relish on a fresh toasted bun

Served with caramelised onions and a creamy prego sauce on a fresh Portuguese Roll

Served with caramelised onions and a creamy prego sauce on a fresh Portuguese Roll


Full or half portion, served with toasted ciabatta or health bread

Rooibos-smoked chicken, pepperdew, apple & avocado (seasonal) – add crispy bacon 15

Caesar salad (garden greens, chicken, parmesan, boiled eggs & croutons)

BBQ Beef, caramelised onion, dill, pepperdews, sesame, roasted cherry tomato

Coffee at Judy's Kitchen


Judy - owner of Judy's kitchen


Hot Stuff

cappuccino    26
judy’s special    25
lynnie-cano (americano)    22
latte    26
cortado    28
espresso    20 / 22
mochaccino    28
densie koffie    30
chai latte    28
dirty chai    30
rooi-deon (rooi cappuchino)    26
hot chocolate    28
Milo    28
tea (ceylon, rooibos, earl grey)    20

Something Cold

Red espresso, apple juice & ice

Espresso, tonic  water & ice

Carrot, beetroot, apple & ginger

Pineapple, carrot & ginger

Kale, apple, cucumber, mint & celery




peanut butter & banana

berry supreme

water sparkling     15

still     12

softdrinks     18

fruitjuice     22

‘tizers     20


Logo and slogan of Judy's Kitchen

WE ARE OPEN for sit-down


Rosehill Mall
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