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Brekkie Menu

Choose your home baked bread for the brekkie fry
White, brown, health or ciabatta.

1 egg, bacon and slice of toast 40 2 egg. bacon, tomato, chips, toast 60
2 eggs, bacon, grilled rosa tomatoes and a slice of toast, served with tea or coffee

2 eggs, bacon, corn fritter, grilled rosa tomatoes & local sourced boerewors

Sweet-corn fritters, 2 eggs, brinjal, mushrooms, tomato, chips

Scrambled eggs, corn, salsa, bacon served with tasty guacamole

Black beans, mushrooms, caramelised onion, corn, salsa & tasty guacamole

Creamy chicken livers in a spicy special sauce, served with toasted ciabatta

3 egg omelette with a cheese base,
Add any of the following toppings:
Bacon / ham / mince /
chicken liver      20
Basil pesto / Peppadews / Feta      15
Tomato / Caramelised Onions      12

Trumpets at Judy's Kitchen

Breakfast Bowls

Home made granola with seasonal fruit parfait, yoghurt & honey
Papaya & pineapple served with yoghurt, homemade granola, toasted almonds & honey
Berry smoothie wit blueberries, strawberries, banana, pineapple, home made granola with toasted almonds, pumpkin seeds & coconut flakes (make it Vegan—ask your waiter)
Scrumptious stacked crumpets with berries, mascarpone, crispy bacon and honey *make it vegan  (ask your waitor)

Decadent French toast served
with fried banana, maple syrup & bacon
Add: Berries & Mascarpone      75

Crumpets or Ciabatta stacked
with ham or bacon, 2 poached
eggs drizzled with Hollandaise

2 poached eggs with wilted
Spinach, Hollandaise sauce
served on Crumpets

Avocado, rocket & tomato on
your choice of 2 slices home
made bread.
– with 2 poached eggs     80

Spicy mince and beans served
on Ciabatta & fried egg

Spicy mince and beans served on Ciabatta & fried egg

2 slices of home baked white,
brown, seed loaf or Ciabatta
Add any of the following toppings:
Butter & preserves     35
Bovril / Marmite      25
Cheese       35
Welsh Rarebit      45
Smashed Avo      45

Granola breakfast at Judy's kitchen
Avo, wilted baby spinach, roasted cherry tomatoes, served with couscous & a poached egg *make it vegan (ask your waiter)
Papaya & pineapple served with yoghurt, homemade granola, toasted almonds & honey
Spicy Mexican bean mix with corn, sweet potato, avo & feta, topped with a poached egg
Spicy mix of peppers, brinjal & tomato relish served with a poached egg and ciabatta
Toasted sandwiches at Judy's Kitchen




Munchie Menu

toasted sandwiches

Made with home baked bread, served with green salad, slaw & hand cut chips

Twin cheese & caramelised onion

Twin cheese & tomato
Smoked ham, cheddar, tomato & basil pesto

Mom’s creamy chicken & mayo (plain or cajun)

Mom’s creamy chicken mayo with twin cheese & chilli
Crispy bacon melted with twin cheese

Crispy bacon & fried egg

Crispy bacon & banana

Crispy bacon & banana

Judy’s rooibos-smoked chicken, peppadew, tangy mayo & rocket

Savoury beef mince with twin cheese

Grilled mushrooms & twin cheese

Spinach, feta, brinjal & mushroom

Chickpea, spinach, mushrooms & vegan mayo

KE - SÉ - DIE - JA

Tortilla  filled  with cheese, heated & served with guac & salsa

Chicken with pineapple & peppadew chutney

Mushrooms, peppers, peppadew & coconut cheese

Mushrooms, peppers, brinjal, peppadew & cheese

Bun Stuff

Served with salad & hand cut chips

Homemade patty (beef, chicken or Vegan), caramelized onion on a fresh toasted bun
Patty, bacon, cheese, fried egg, caramelised onion, slaw, & gherkins. Bun or none

Served with caramelised onions and a creamy prego sauce on a fresh Portuguese Roll


Full or half portion, served with toasted ciabatta or health bread

Rooibos-smoked chicken, pepperdew, apple & avocado (seasonal)
– add crispy bacon 20

Garden greens, chicken, parmesan, boiled eggs & croutons)

Chicken in a delectable home made honey mustard sauce (on salad of course)

BBQ Beef, caramelised onion, dill, pepperdews, sesame, roasted cherry tomato

Feta, grilled brinjal, mushroom, Chickpeas & seeds

Feta, grilled brinjal, mushroom, Chickpeas & seeds

Coffee at Judy's Kitchen


Judy - owner of Judy's kitchen


Hot Stuff

Cappuccino    30
Judy’s special (flat white)    30
Lynnie-cano (americano)    26
Latte    35
Cortado    35
Espresso    22 / 26
Mochaccino    36
Chai latte    35
Dirty chai    40
Rooi-deon (Rooi cappuchino)    30
Hot chocolate    35
white hot chocolate    35
Milo    35
Tea (ceylon, rooibos, earl grey)    22

Something Cold

Red espresso, apple juice & ice

Espresso, tonic  water & ice

Carrot, beetroot, apple & ginger

Pineapple, carrot & ginger

Kale, apple, cucumber, mint & celery




peanut butter & banana

berry supreme

water sparkling     15

still     12

softdrinks     18

fruitjuice     22

‘tizers     20


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WE ARE OPEN for sit-down


Rosehill Mall
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